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E-Baby More than 50.000 Babies in 28 years

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Turkey's Firsts

First ICSI application: (ICSI = Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection = Microinjection) This is injecting of sperm into the ovum of the female. It was first carried out in Turkey by our team on September 1994.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Memorial Hospital IVF and Genetics Center is the largest IVF Center in Turkey and has been providing fertility services since 2000. Around 4,800 couples are accepted for IVF every year. Throughout their treatment they receive care from a team of specialists who closely coordinate to achieve op...

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Memorial Şişli IVF & Genetics Center

More than 50.000 Babies in 28 years

More than 5.000 IVF treatments annually at Memorial Şişli Hospital

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